Dear Entrepreneurs,

Due to the many inquiries, that we receive from “start ups”, designers who would like to create their own brands, we developed our services packages.


In our permanent aim, to serve our client and make their project be successful we are glad to provide you with the following consultancy services.

  1. Beginner package:

Way: Because if you want to make a profitable business you have to manage it professionally. You mast now your product, so that you can advertise in the future the USP- unique selling preposition of the product. You will save time, putting the pictures together instead to place many irrelevant questions and appear as an amateur. You will save money because, you will have standard, which you can send to many manufacturers for quotation. Last but not least, having defined standards you can attach them as a appendix to a contract. By placing an order you can compare the delivered socks, if they are according the standards, otherwise you risks to get lower quality, that you pay for.

What: We deliver you a “technical file”,with all the requirements ( measures, materials that has to be used, technical descriptions of the socks, elasticity of the socks)

How:You receive general information about the production process. What kind of machines the manufacturer have to have in his machinery park for your socks. What kind of certificates have to be presented to you to assure the quality of the socks. We consultant you what kind of yarns, have to be used. All options to higher the quality or to reduce the price trough alternative materials and production methods.

Price: 2000 EUR

Technological Sheet of Sock

Spec Sheet Combed Cotton

Starts Art:  STA01 – 6000