missionIn the highly competitive business environment, we do not want to have just  satisfied clients, our goal is to have loyal clients.
In a world where the popular words are sustainability, еfficiency and effectiveness, we do not want just to use them, we fill them with substance.




Solar panels are installed on the roof of our production building. The hot air from the knitting machines is used for heating. LED lighting and movements detectors are a standard in all our premises and production units. Water and waste management is implemented and our employees are well trained in this area.



Our capability to undertake actions to produce a wide range of different models of socks in big quantities for short time terms, make us a strong and effective partner.



To ensure high quality and low prices LEAN and supply chain management is implemented through all production processes.


All these facts give us the self-confidence to say: “We are the right partner for you. You are on the right website.”