machinessItalian Knitting Machines

Our company is using Italian, four system knitting machines. They are extremely robust and reliable. Maintenance costs are low and they are easy to service. They have the option of combining 25 colors. This is one of the few machines that can work with very thick and very thin yarn (Ne 6 to Ne 100). Switching to different modes of knitting is very fast, without the need replacement sinker caps. It is required to replace only platins, which saves a lot of time. The are very reliable, quick and deliver quality product.


Type of Machines


Marlia D’oro ZERO MJ4 one cylinder

  • 85 pcs.
  • Needles: 96N ; 108N ; 120N ; 144N ; 152N ; 200N (the cylinders can be exchanged according demand)
  • Options: 3+1 color in row. Up to 18 color in one socks; 1,2,3 and 4 system (feed) of kniting
  • Capacity: 20dz/24h

Bentley Comet (old mechanic machines) 2 cylinder machines

  • !Extremely reliable machines!
  • High precision
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy handling
  • 40 Pcs.

Lonati 400 one cylinder machines

  • 40 Pcs.
  • 4+1 colors
  • One feed single cylinder machines