Tsar Sock

Tsar Sock is made of excellence! He is strong. His heart is warm and soft. He is beautiful!
Tsar Sock is our flagship brand. Made from combed cottons (finest cotton) and fashionable design, we are targeting to face the competition of world brands like Falke, BOSS and Tad Backer. God loves the brave and we truly believe in our statement.




SoftSocks is our best selling brand in the middle to upper segment. 100% carded cotton of top quality and attractive design.
Our aim is to cover through this brand as many as possible focus groups.
Price levels 0,40 EUR to 1 EUR Ex Worts.




TriCo „only barefoot is cheaper“
With this brand, we are covering the entry segment. This is our price fighter. No Chinese sock nor Turkish can beat our „Trico“. Starting from 0,15 EUR and reaching 0,4 EUR for 60gr. heavy thermo socks for the winter, make us true leader in the market.
Do you need some?



Prestige Socks

This is our „reserve brand“. Normally we use this brand for stock sells and massive clearance and also for bundles and dozens.